Finding renewed purpose in the rhythm of life.

Eddie Tuduri

A crippling surfing accident left professional drummer Eddie Tuduri wheelchair-bound, with medical experts saying he’d never walk or play music again. Eddie recounts his miraculous recovery and how he’s using rhythmic drumming as an innovative way to teach those with intellectual differences.

Rubbing Shoulders with Angels with Eddie Tuduri
Rubbing Shoulders with Angels with Eddie Tuduri
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Rubbing Shoulders with Angels


Eddie Tuduri

A professional musician who toured for more than 30 years with famous bands, Eddie Tuduri lived a fast life. Ten years after he became sober from drug and alcohol addiction, Eddie had a traumatic surfing accident resulting in a broken neck. During his recovery, Eddie was “divinely inspired” to create an innovative educational program combining visual, tactile, auditory, and speech lessons for children and adults with intellectual differences. His non-profit, The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP), delivers and teaches this curriculum with the support of hundreds of professional musicians who share their time with Eddie, TRAP, and the students.

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What makes them Fantastic?

Eddie had his first professional drumming gig at the age of 12. By the time he was in his late teens, he was working professionally in New York City where he was influenced by R&B music which keeps him “funky” even in his 70s. Eddie fell into the lifestyle of a touring musician, however, in Alcoholics Anonymous he embraced sobriety and found this transition in his life to be a spiritual awakening. Eddie has received countless awards for his volunteerism; a Global Citizen Award was given to Eddie for his contributions to the betterment of humanity in Ecuador and the world. Today, Eddie’s passion is The Rhythmic Arts Project which dramatically enhances the quality of life for thousands of people with intellectual differences around the globe.

Rubbing Shoulders with Angels

Reflections from Andrea

Eddie’s life story has all the elements of a great novel. He’s a charismatic, loving person whose music career has taken him across the globe. He followed his heart and passionately performed music with some of the most talented people in the world. He also knows the deep despair of addiction and nearly lost his life. Some people in his shoes might have been forever “lost in the footlights” but not Eddie.  

Eddie is not shy about giving credit where he believes credit is due. He speaks often of the divine inspiration he’s received in his life, in particular the past 25 years. I mention in the episode that Eddie lives a surrendered life. I chose that word because he chooses to be of service to others and he’s open to receiving guidance and inspiration from God. He does not feel the need to control the outcomes of his life. Some people view the concept of surrender as giving up. I don’t see it that way. It’s releasing the idea a single individual can control the outcomes of this vast universe.

In my experience, the more I have let go of control, the more gifts I receive from the world around me. It seems to me releasing oneself into the immense flow of energy in the world, you gain speed and momentum. As I hear Eddie talk about his life experiences, I see momentum and a global ripple effect reaching thousands of people who are often overlooked or discounted. I have come to understand those individuals on this planet who seem limited in their ability to contribute have the most to give all of us.


For more information about The Rhythmic Arts Project or to donate:

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