Making peace with a traumatic past to power self-transformation.

Rita Henry

Intuitive healer Rita Henry opens up about the childhood trauma and unbearable loss that led her to discover her true self and transform her life. Rita has developed extraordinary gifts that are helping others make peace with their own painful past so they too can live with more joy and love.

Journey to Your Center with Rita Henry
Journey to Your Center with Rita Henry
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Journey to Your Center


Rita Henry

Rita Henry has faced multiple traumatic events throughout her life. She grew up in a home with an explosive, angry father. And, as an adult, her nine-day-old daughter died in her arms. Through life’s challenges, Rita passionately educated herself and began healing her past traumas. Now, as a full-time guide and soon-to-be author, she inspires others to learn, heal and thrive. Rita lives a grounded and vibrant life with her husband and enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. Though life can still trip her up, she has learned to identify the cause and resolve it in a caring way.

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What makes them Fantastic?

Rita helps people who feel stuck in their lives to release destructive habits, grieve, deal with abuse and feelings of sadness and loneliness. She is in high demand as an intuitive guide and healer, helping people all over the world discover joy. Through years of self-discovery and study, she has developed a highly tuned intuition which she brings to her coaching, helping thousands of clients overcome pain and suffering to live more fulfilled authentic lives.

Journey to Your Center

Reflections from Andrea

Rita offers many amazing insights in this episode, not the least of which is conveyed in the episode title, Journey to Your Center. Take a moment to consider what it means to move towards your center. For me, this strikes a big chord. Much like Rita, I have spent decades busy with work, volunteering and trying to deliver perfect results. I was so busy that I didn’t have or make time to pay attention to how I was really feeling about my life.

The only way to truly feel one’s feelings is to be still and quiet. It requires asking yourself difficult questions such as, “Why did I snap at my husband/wife/kids/mom today?” Was I feeling pressure to pick up the house because friends were coming over tonight and I didn’t have time to respond with patience and kindness?  Guess what!?!  Within this simple scenario I am losing myself because I’ve diminished the importance of my own needs and overcommitted myself to friends. I’ll also go to bed more exhausted than the prior night and more abrupt conversations will happen again tomorrow. The cycle continues.

For me, learning to feel my feelings has taken months of effort to scratch the surface; this is foundational to the journey of discovering your true purpose. Said differently, it’s learning what makes your soul sing. Feelings are like an onion with many layers to expose to identify the real reason I sacrifice myself working excessive hours, sitting on too many boards and holding myself to an unachievable standard of perfection. In my episode of Fantastic Humans,I reveal the interpretation I made as a young child that shaped my pursuit of perfection and that interpretation is only half of the answer. I’m grateful forFantastic Humans such as Rita who gently and persistently nudge me and thousands of other joy-seekers towards really feeling our feelings.


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